Posted by: Frangipani | October 12, 2014

Kurdish Demonstration in London

Along with Kurdish friends, I marched from Trafalgar to Parliament Square. Banners of peace, ‘down with ISIS’, ‘united for human rights’.

After talking with many families and students in Parliament Square, I took my usual cycle route home at the back of Horse Guard Parade. I was quite surprised to see three large vans of riot police at the ready, and I stopped to check why they were there. ‘There is a Kurdish demonstration in Parliament Square and we are on standby in case there is trouble.’

Could one of them not walk around the corner, see families in a peaceful demonstration? All the Kurdish political parties, together with several Kurdish womens’ groups, were there. Would the obvious country to have opposed such a peaceful demonstration have shown their face? They were there filming every participant, but hardly likely to have thrown teargas to demonstrators as they do back home.

I look forward to the day when British police understand enough of the Kurdish situation not to send out three vans of riot police during a peaceful demonstration on a Sunday afternoon.

London Kurdish Rally 5

Peaceful protest by Kurds in Parliament Square: ‘Wake up UK’

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