Posted by: Frangipani | August 17, 2013

Honour and shame: a zero sum game?

Do you agree with this statement? ‘If you gain, I lose. And if I gain, you lose.’

If someone is doing well at business, do you feel like ‘putting them down’.

What is zero sum? According to Jerone Neyrey, it is the belief that ‘everything in the social, economic, natural universe, everything desired in life: useful land, wealth, respect and status, power and influence; these exist in finite quantity and short supply.’

There is no need to be ashamed of believing this; some economists also do. An alternative is that these items are expandable. That we can help each other and make more useful land, more business (wealth), more respect, including self respect, more power and influence over our own lives.

What do you think?

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