Posted by: Frangipani | August 10, 2013

Why all the litter?

The beauty of the land is sung about and deeply appreciated in Kurdish song and storytelling. So why all the litter?

We saw tens of thousands of families having a picnic in the beautiful countryside outside Sulaymaniah to celebrate Newroz. Sadly, later in the day, it looked as though most families had forgotten to take home their litter.

I returned a year after a lovely family picnic on Mount Ararat facing Armenia. I was remembered as the guest who got everyone to collect all the rubbish before returning home.  When Kurdish people love and appreciate their land, why is taking rubbish home exceptional?

As we walked home after Bayram visiting in eastern Turkey, we were almost hit as someone slung their rubbish bag from the fourth floor. The stream we passed had the same (and more) garbage as a year ago. As well as looking terrible, this is really not healthy. Can all of us who love and respect the beauty of Kurdish towns and countryside help to keep them beautiful?


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