Posted by: Frangipani | May 2, 2012

A worrisome story in Kurdistan?

There was a man who owed a rich man a million dollars; far more than he could ever pay back from his wages for a lifetime. He pleaded with the rich lender, who then kindly forgave him the whole amount. The man who had been relieved of much debt went out and tracked down someone who owed him a thousand dollars. He grabbed the small debtor by the scruff of the neck and demanded full and immediate payment of the debt. The rich man heard about this and took back his kindness, throwing the man who owed a million dollars into the debtor’s prison. “I released you from so much suffering and you could not release another from his suffering.”

So goes a parable, a story told by Jesus and recorded in the Bible. it worried me that I was reminded of this story whilst speaking with minorities in Iraq Kurdistan. Finally, the huge horrors that the Kurds have suffered have been lifted and there is some autonomy, some freedom in Kurdistan. But there were a few mullahs preaching hatred towards those who are not muslim, and in recent months, a wave of violence against non muslims in parts of Kurdistan, including Zakhor. Could Kurds do such a thing? Will the Kurdish authorities be effective in their follow-up against those who would encourage such violence? Can the Kurdish people be a light instead; an example to the world on how to treat minorities with fairness and respect?

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