Posted by: Frangipani | March 19, 2012

Where are the Kurdish Peacemakers?

I sat drinking several cups of tea in Iraq Kurdistan with one such peacemaker today. Brought up in Europe, now settled back in Kurdistan. With a heart for the poor, a heart to bridge communities so often divided.

He also spoke of another who tried to build bridges between mosque and church, saying nothing wrong, according to his muslim perspective. But his family disowned him and his wife was taken away from him.

In a land and a region that has known so much strife, can we honour, instead of tearing down such initiatives? Why leave things to outside peacemakers? Of course they can help and support, but I would expect Kurdish peacemakers to be the most effective in a Kurdish environment. There are now about two dozen universities in Iraq Kurdistan. How many courses are there in peace studies? How easy is it to find other Kurdish peacemakers, practicing peacemaking in all its forms; even perhaps through something as simple as a Linked in network?

As flowers blossom on the mountains of Kurdistan at Newroz, may peacemakers be nurtured and allowed to blossom. May their sweet fragrance be allowed to fill the land.


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