Posted by: Frangipani | January 24, 2012

Armenian Genocide: Kurds to lead reconciliation?

A well written article captures the chaos and confusion leading up to the Armenian Genocide in 2015 (my italics):

Undoubtedly, the Kurdish tribes had participated in the massacre, but their participation was not driven by their national affiliation, it was rather driven by their religious beliefs as well as their tribal intentions, which was based on the (badly taught) revenge and hatred of the non-Muslims. It is worth mentioning that the Armenian troops had also murdered thousands of the innocent Kurds and forced thousands of them to leave their homes and villages, as revenge against the aggressiveness and the brutality of the Ottoman Army. Unfortunately, the Armenian politicians as well as intellectuals had a poor knowledge about the history and aspiration of the Kurdish people.

But rather than trying to demonstrate how few Kurds and exactly which tribes took orders and killed Armenian civilians, could the Kurdish people now lead by example towards a reconciliation process between Turkey and Armenia? In the run up to April 2015, Kurds have time to meet with, admit their part in and ask for forgiveness from their Armenian neighbours. How powerful this would be; the oppressed of today asking forgiveness for their participation a hundred years ago in oppressing their neighbours. And if they asked for foregiveness, could that lead the way for a larger body of people to also ask the Armenians for forgiveness?

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