Posted by: Frangipani | January 20, 2012

Power for SE Turkey?

AES To Develop Coal‐Fired Power Project In Southeast Turkey

US‐based AES Corporation on 21 December 2011 announced that its joint venture with Turkey’s KOC Holding, AES Entek, will build a 625mw coal‐fired power plant in southeastern Turkey. A statement released by AES said the Ayas project is equally owned by a joint venture between AES Entek and Oyak, Turkey’s largest investment fund. The company said construction of the plant is due to start in late 2012 and be complete by the second half of 2016. AES operates three gas‐fired plants in Turkey with a total capacity of 302mw. It also operates 62mw of small hydropower facilities. “AES’s focus on Turkey comes at an opportune moment with Eurostat forecasting the Turkish economy to grow by 5% in sharp contrast to its European peers ravaged by the European debt crisis,” AES said. “Also, the country’s installed capacity of 52gw of coal, geothermal, hydroelectric, natural gas and wind facilities is touted to increase by as much as 30% by 2016.”

An important question for Turkey:

Why is the most pollutant type of power generation planned for SE Turkey?

No-one should really be planning to build new coal fired power plants, anywhere. They are more expensive and slower to build than combined cycle gas plants and produce more than double the CO2 emissions. Why not plan for a cheaper, faster and cleaner Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power plant in SE Turkey?

The facts:

CCGT: gas-fired power compared to coal:

  •  40% more energy efficient
  •  50-70% less CO2
  •   Carbon Capture and Storage retrofit at lower or similar cost per MWh
  •   Better complements wind or solar power

Replacing coal with gas for electricity generation is the cheapest and fastest way to meet CO2 reduction targets

  •  CCGT cheapest $/MW power to build
  •  Similar operating cost to coal fired plant

Turkey: Please review before you add unnecessarily to the Climate Change problem with your power plans for SE Turkey.

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